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LaMancha Goats breeding Stock


Doe (female)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Fairwoods KB Calypso Queen   LaMancha Doe (female) Cou Blanc 3 yrs Not for Sale
Fairwoods KB Lucy in the Sky   LaMancha Doe (female) Dark Brown 3 yrs $750.00
Fairwoods KB Mamma Mia   LaMancha Doe (female) Light Tan, White Face 3 yrs Not for Sale
Laughter's MR Hershey Kiss   LaMancha Doe (female) Chocolate 1 yr $350.00
Laughter's MR Lucille   LaMancha Doe (female) Sundgau w/ white spot on belly 1 yr Not for Sale
Laughter's MR Oreo Shake   LaMancha Doe (female) Black and White 1 yr Not for Sale