Lucky L Dairy Goats

Breeder of Lamancha, Nubian, and Mini Dairy Goats

About Us

Sales Policy

Lucky L Dairy Goats reserves the right to retain any animal and refuse the sale of an animal for any reason.

All goats will be sold in pairs, unless purchaser has other goats.
Priority will be given to homes that participate in shows, linear appraisal, and/or milk test
Wether kids $100 or $75 if going with another kid
Soaking Wet Bucklings Sale
(kids from first fresheners picked up with in 7 days of birth) $100
Buck kids start at $250
Doe kids start at $350

What started as a couple of goats for milk for the family has blossomed into milk for the family, milk for soap making, and goat show fun! We started with two show string rejects for milk then added a few show prospects of our own!

We are proud members of the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA), American Goat Society (AGS), American Lamancha Breeders Association (ALBA), and the Miniature Dairy Goat Association (MDGA).

We have 1 ADGA Nubian doe, 3 ADGA Lamancha does, 3 ADGA Lamancha doelings, 1 grade Nigerian Dwarf doe, 1 ADGA Lamancha buck, 1 MDGA 4th Generation Mini Nubian buck, and 1 ADGA/AGS/MDGA Nigerian Dwarf buck.

As ADGA works through some software issues that are causing a slow down in communications and paperwork, we will be focusing on AGS and MDGA (our 3 Lamancha doelings will be bred to our ND buck for 1st Generation Mini Lamancha kids for the spring of 2023).